28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016


What do IOI 2016 volunteers do?

Volunteers supply willing, unpaid support to the organisers of IOI 2016. They provide a variety of valuable services: meeting delegations and guests at the airport and train station, helping participants with registration and accreditation, accompanying teams and guests, working in the press-centre, preparing and providing food and accompanying those on excursions, working in the organisation committee headquarters, and more.

You do not need any specialist knowledge or qualifications to become a volunteer. What is important is proactivity, a desire to work, and good communication skills. In return the work will provide volunteers with invaluable communications skills and administrative experience.

Volunteering at the IOI 2016 is a unique opportunity to learn new skills and obtain invaluable experience, where you can:

  • realise your potential, help people and make the world just that little bit better;
  • meet people from different countries and cultures, improve your English and learn a few other languages to conversational level;
  • gain additional experience to put on your CV and help you to build a career in the future. Know that potential employers will be impressed by your ability to manage responsibility, as well as your organisational and personal skills;
  • improve your chances of getting study grants and placements abroad – experience of volunteer work is seen as proof of your qualities and abilities;
  • make new friends from all over the world;
  • discover new talents;
  • be an integral part of an international intellectual competition for schoolchildren right here in Kazan;
  • gain an insight into the world of modern information technology, meet IT geniuses from more than 80 different countries, and see how to a champion is made;
  • enjoy an wonderful experience that you will never forget.


Further incentives:

  • volunteer outfit with the IOI 2016 logo;
  • food provided while on shift;
  • certificate of participation;
  • memorabilia and souvenirs;
  • IOI 2016 closing celebration.



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