28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016


Participants at the XXVIII International Olympiad in Informatics 2016 will stay in the best student campus in Russia: The Universiade Village​.

Derevnya Universiady, or “The Universiade Village”, was one of the main sites of the XXVII Summer Olympiad which took place in Kazan in 2013. During the competition it housed over 13,500 athletes and trainers from more than 170 countries. After the Universiade it was given to Kazan Federal University, before again playing host to competition guests in July-August 2015, this time for the 16th FINA World Aquatics Championship.

Situated in Kazan’s Volga Region and flanked by the streets Ul. Zorge, Ul. Parina, Ul. Mavlyutova and Prospekt Pobedy, the halls are well serviced by public transport: buses 27 and 47, and trolleybus 8, all go between Village and the centre of Kazan. The Prospekt Pobedy metro station is also within walking distance.

The Universiade Village covers a total of 38 hectares, of which 270,000 m2 is living space. The site comprises 28 multi-story apartments, local amenities and infrastructure, and green spaces, and is designed to accommodate upwards of 14,500 people. The apartments themselves were all built as part of one big project, but differ somewhat in height and design (some blocks consist of 12 floors; others only 5). All rooms are fairly spacious and fitted with modern furniture, working out at about 12-15 m2 per occupant – considerably greater than the minimum standard required by Russian educational institutions.

The Universiade Village has all the facilities you could need for a comfortable stay: a supermarket with a wide range of food and household items on offer, beauty salon, massage parlour, chemist, solarium, post office, tailor, chess club, bank, bicycle hire, café, canteen, art studio, souvenir shop and much more. There is also a student polyclinic right beside the campus which meets all the latest requirements of modern healthcare.

In terms of sporting facilities, the stadium next to the ceremonial square offers a football pitch, running track and light athletics centre, as well as an indoor swimming pool and tennis academy.

The volunteer headquarters will also be based at the Universiade Village for the duration of the competition.

Free Wi-Fi access is also available.



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