28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016


We will meet you at your airport of arrival and will bring you to your accommodation.

By Plane


Outbound: Helsinki 23:35 (10 August 2016) - Kazan 02:25 (11 August 2016)

Inbound: Kazan 03:25 (20 August 2016) - Helsinki 06:05 (20 August 2016)

Outbound: Istanbul 21:15 (10 August 2016) - Kazan 00:50 (11 August 2016)

Inbound: Kazan 02:05 (20 August 2016) - Istanbul 05:55 (20 August 2016)

By train

From Moscow there are four trains a day which travel to Kazan and beyond. The journey takes between 11 and 14 hours depending on which train you take and all trains leave Moscow in the evening and arrive in Kazan in the early morning. Trains leave from Kazansky station (metro Komsomolskaya).

From St. Petersburg  there is only one direct train a day which leaves from Moskovsky station (metro Pl. Vosstaniya). The journey takes approximately 22 hours and leaves St. Petersburg at 16:13 arriving in Kazan the next day at 14:02. More information

Russian Customs Declaration

If you have any goods or items that are subject to declaration, you should fill in a special customs declaration form (available upon arrival) and pass through the "red corridor" at a Russian airport or customs point at the border. If you don't have anything to declare, you may cross the Russian border through the "green corridor".

If you bring in something that you think may be questioned when you come out of Russia, it's better to declare it directly when you come in. That way you will be able to prove you are not exporting it, but had it with you when you entered the country first place. Always make sure you keep the stamped declaration until the end of your trip to avoid problems when leaving the country.



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