28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

10th IOI Conference Agenda

August 14, 2016

09.00-09.30    Valentina Dagiene. Opening. 10 years of IOI conference.

09.30-10.00  Eduards Kalinincenko, Martins Opmanis. Collecting, Processing and Maintaining IOI Statistics

10.00-10.15  Inggriani Liem. Reshaping Indonesian Students Training for IOI

10.15-10.30  Adam Karczmarz, Jakub Łacki, Adam Polak, Jakub Radoszewski, and Jakub O. Wojtaszczyk. Distributed Tasks: Introducing Distributed Computing to Programming Competition

10.30-11.00  Samuel Grutter, Daniel Graf, Benjamin Schmid. Watch them Fight! Creativity Task Tournaments of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics

11.00-11.30  Coffee break

11.30-12.00  William Di Luigi, Gabriele Farina, Luigi Laura, Umberto Nanni, Marco Temperini and Luca Versari. oii-web: an Interactive Online Programming Contest Training System

12.00-12.15  Willem van der Vegt. Bridging the Gap Between Bebras and Olympiad; Experiences from the Netherlands

12.15-12.30  Joan Alemany Flos, Jacobo Vilella Vilahur. eSeeCode: Creating a Computer Language from Teaching Experiences

12.30-12.45  Jonathan Irvin Gunawan. Understanding Unsolvable Problem

12.45-13.00  Robinson Castro, Nico Lehmann, Jorge Pérez and Bernardo Subercaseaux. Wavelet Trees for Competitive Programming

13.00-13.15  Altangerel Khuder, Danzan Tsedevsuren. The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia: Training Resources for non-English Speaking Students

13.15-13.30  Vahram DUMANYAN, Armen ANDREASYAN. Armenia: IOI Participation and National Olympiads in Informatics

13.30-14.00    Discussion on IOI journal future. Editorial board.


August 16, 2016


Valentina Dagiene, Marina Tsvetkova. Idea for a special issue


Taurskiy D. (Russia). About KFU


Masyagin S.  (Russia). Innopolis - IT area


Sulimova N.. (Russia)  Innopolis Lyceum in the IT city


Nugumanova L., Samerkhanov T. (Russia). The “School-University” innovative model of IT education


Excursion to the IT Lyceum


Coffee break


Kiryukhin V. (Russia). Olympiads in informatics: part of a global educational area


Tsvetkova M. (Russia). School Informatics now and in the future


Pozdniakov S. (Russia). Kirinovich I.(Belarus). “Bebras” Informatics competition in Russia and Belarus


SkupieneJ. (Lithuania) Baltic Olympiad experience


Kelevedjiev E.(Bulgaria). Jovanov M. Macedonia. Youth programming contests in the Balkans


Hadiev R., Khasyanov A. (Russia). Preparing for Olympiads in Informatics in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Experience from Kazan Federal University.



Handing-out of certificate. Close of conference



The official conference language is English.

On the second day of the conference simultaneous interpretation will be provided.




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