28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

13 August 2016
Argentinian hackers

We are glad to introduce you to the Argentinian team consisting of four people who have come to compete in the International IT Olympiad.

- Hello, we are Gianni (Gianni Weinand), Roman (Roman Castellarin), Gaston (Gaston Fontenla Nunez) and Maxi (Maximiliano Redigonda). We come from Rosario and González Catán.

- You arrived in Kazan yesterday. Please, tell us, what are your first impressions about the city and the Universiade village? Do you have any wishes or issues?

- It is amazing! 10 points! It feels like home! Nope, It feels even better than home! The meals are delicious. The area, institute, and the city- everything is simply amazing!

- Do you have any experience of participating in such tremendous international competitions?

Roman: - I am taking part in it for the fourth time, for Gianni it’s the third time, Maxi participated twice and Gaston is here for the first time.

- What do you expect to obtain in this Olympiad? What are your aims?

- We are eager to make a new circle of contacts, meet new friends and to have fun! And it’s obvious that we want to get golden medals! However, it is not such an important thing in comparison with socializing and hanging out! Getting medals is a nice bonus but not an issue of necessity. While we are in Russia, getting to know country and its unique culture is the main priority.

- How do you call yourselves?

- We are hackers.

- Do you have any superstitions or mascots to bring luck?

- I have a plush hamster. We believe he brings us good luck. We also have an amulet but we are not so sure in its magic power.

- Do you have a free time here? If you do, how you are planning to spend it?

- Now we are planning to rent bicycles and ride them around the area of the Universiade Village and then maybe start to explore the city. Maybe we will visit local malls. We also would like to party but it depends on the rules of Olympiad.

- Have you heard much about Kazan Federal University?

- No, we don’t know much about the university but we do know a lot about Kazan. The summer Universiade took place here in 2013 and Kazan will host FIFA World Cup in 2018.

- Thank you a lot for the interview.

- Ne za chto, pozhaluista!



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