28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

12 August 2016
Italian quartet dream of visiting the Kazan Kremlin

Today we had a chance to meet the Italian IT team which was represented by four highly intelligent contestants. Andrea Ciprietti, Fhilippo Gianni Baroni, Marco Donadoni and Fhilippo Quattrocchi were all chosen to take part in this international event.

-Do you have any significant achievements in IT?

Philippe and Marco: “We have participated in this Olympiad twice, both times in Kazakhstan. Philippe won a silver medal and Marco a bronze”.

- Do you have a mascot to bring good luck?

Fhilippo Gianni Baroni: “I prefer relying on my own strength”.

-How would you wish someone luck in your mother tongue?

Together: «Bueno fortuna!».

-How do you find your campus?

Fhilippo Gianni Baroni: “Everything is fine”.

Marco Donadoni: “I would like to mention the atmosphere and tidiness of room”.

- Have you managed to have a walk on the territory of the Universiade village yet?

Andrea Ciprietti: “Not yet but we will definitely do it later”.

- Which sites would you most like to visit in Kazan?

Together: “the Kazan Kremlin”.

- What can you tell us about your own country?

Andrea Ciprietti: “We have a rich history and the finest pizza!”.



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