28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

28 July 2016
KFU Lobachevski Lyceum student to represent Russia at the IOI 2016

The summer informatics training and selection rounds at the All-Russia IT camp KOMPUTERiYA, Tverskaya Oblast, drew to a conclusion on 6 July, and the two teams which will represent Russia at the 2016 International Olympiad in Informatics have been finalised. Among them is 9th Class student at KFU Lobachevski Lyceum Askhat Sakhabiev, who finished fifth overall and became the first name on the team sheet for the second national team.

Askhat now has the chance to fly the flag for Tatarstan at one of the most prestigious junior informatics tournaments in the world. And of course, Kazan Federal University is playing an important part in proceedings, which will take place in Kazan from 12 to 19 August.

According to Askhat, going to an Olympiad and bringing back a medal is what every student involved in Olympiad informatics dreams of:

“The International Olympiad in Informatics is the pinnacle that everyone is striving to reach. We have another Olympian at our Lyceum – my classmate Ramazan Rakhmatullin – who finished ninth, and so wasn’t selected. Sadly I’m the only one who made it through,” he says.

His trainer, computer science teacher the Lobachevski Lyceum Sergei Mikhailin, thinks the achievement is thoroughly deserved:

“In Classes 8 and 9 Askhat and Ramazan both won prizes at the All-Russia Olympiad in Informatics. In that year both were crowned absolute champions out of all the students in Tatarstan, getting maximum marks at the Regional Round in the process. In December 2015 they won silver at the All-Russia Olympiad in Programming in St Petersburg. That year we also travelled to Romania and Bulgaria for programming tournaments for the Balkan countries and came home with bronze medals. We’ve been training for three years, going to olympiads, and of course, learning all the time. So Askhat, as well as being a very talented boy, is also a seasoned veteran.”

Now Askhat Sakhabiev is undergoing the final preparatory stage before the Olympiad at the Summer Computer School in Sudislavl, near Kostroma. Next up will be the Olympiad proper.

“Naturally, we would like to be with Askhat at the Olympiad,” says Sergei Mikhailin. “The right state of mind is vital at any competition; the words a trainer gives to his students are of great importance before tournaments like these. But right now all that’s left is to cheer for Askhat and wish him success.”

Nowadays more than 300 students take part in the Olympiad every year, with the roster expanding to include new countries. Each country may submit a team of four, plus a team leader and deputy team leader. The goal of the Olympiad is to bring together talented students from different countries to share their scientific and cultural experiences, as well as make an early name for themselves in professional IT circles.

Source: Darya Bondarenko, IOI 2016 press service



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