28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

19 March 2016
How Kazan is preparing for IOI 2016

Sergey Masyagin, representative of Russia in International Technical Committee,  Vice-provost – Head of Enrollment, Admission and Student affairs Department at Innopolis University , spoke about the ITC’s preparations for the International Olympiad in Informatics 2016 (IOI2016), as well as how Russia is getting ready for the competition.

Mr. Masyagin started by reminding that ITC is one of the youngest in the structure of IOI.

 “The first team was finalized in 2014 at the IOI General Assembly meeting. People with a wide experience of the organization international level competitions from Sweden, Greece, Italy, Australia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia are a part of the International Technical Committee. Frederik Niemelä is the committee’s chairman, who is also head of the committee developing the tasks for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest and professor at Baylor University (one of the oldest institutes of higher education in Texas).”

Questions regarding development of necessary software, development of automated systems to check the solutions provided by contestants, the determining of computer equipment necessary for the competition, as well as developing and maintaining a network configuration and ensuring its security in the competition zone, all fall within the ITC’s remit.

A key task of ITC is to ensure that hardware and software of the coming competitions are satisfy the requirements of IOI. The ITC also works in close partnership with the International Scientific Committee (ISC), whose members are in charge of developing tasks for the Olympiad.

Mr. Masyagin then explained how the basic Olympiad software is a contest management system (CMS), which checks the solutions submitted by participants.

 “Special programs – tests – check participants’ every solution on the different amounts of data, and compare the submitted result with the correct one.

There are also programs, which track the speed of getting solution and the amount of memory used by the program. This means none of the results at the IOI are subjective: participants compete on equal terms and the CMS automatically decides the final placings and winners.”

The ITC’s Russian representative also revealed that everything is already in place to ensure that the IOI 2016 is carried out at the highest level.

“First off I’d like to say that practically all the technical equipment for the Olympiad has already been acquired, that is to say three servers, a laptop for every contestant, automatic checking machines, printers and network commutators. The Host Technical Committee (HTC) has already begun initial testing of the Olympiad software on the same equipment which will later be used in the competition itself.”

To make absolutely sure that the IOI in Kazan proceeds at the highest technical level, the HTC has decided to test the new software in actual competitions. Testing will commence at the Open Olympiad in Programming at the Innopolis University in February 2016, and continue in the final stage of the All-Russia Olympiad in Informatics, which is due to take place in Kazan in April 2016.




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