28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

18 August 2016
Slovenia: “We hope that luck’s on our side!”

Today we have an interview with the Slovenian team. Mihail, Urban, Tim and Bor answer our questions.

- Is this your first Olympiad, or have you been at such competitions before?

All: It’s our second Olympiad, but last year we didn’t do so well because we were so nervous. We’d never been so far from home, and didn’t have much experience.

- How do you like Kazan?

Urban: We haven’t managed to see the city for ourselves yet – only on the excursions.

Mihail: We flew in at 3 am for the first round. We didn’t even have a full day for preparation and recovery.

- How did you find the first round?

All: In general the first round went well for us. The questions were relatively straightforward. We feel we did everything we were capable of.

- What are you hoping for at this Olympiad?

Mihail: Of course we want medals, but for me personally the most important thing is to get to know new people and a new culture, and to get new experience.

- And who have you got to know here?

Bor: So far just the Romanians and Argentineans.

- Did you bring anything with you for good luck?

Mihail: We brought a green dragon with us – it’s the symbol of our capital Ljubljana. I hope it will help us. We also brought a load of food – we didn’t think they’d feel us so well here!

- So will the dragon bring you luck?

Tim: We hope so, because we’re going to need it!



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