28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

18 August 2016
Czech team will remember Russia for a long time

Today we have an interview with the Czech team for you. We spoke to contestants Ronald, Vaclav, Richard and Filip.

- First question: can you understand Russian? Did you learn it at school in the Czech Republic?

Ronald: Only a little – the scientific words are practically identical. You can learn Russian in Czech schools, but I studied German and English.

- How have you found Kazan? What have you seen?

Ronald: We’ve walked along the waterfront and around the centre.

Vaclav: We’ve also been around the Kazan Kremlin and we really liked it. It’s normally difficult for us to be very impressed by architecture because we’re from Prague – the most beautiful city on Earth. But the Kremlin was really something.

Richard: I wouldn’t say Prague is most beautiful city there is. I’m from Brno, which is ten times nicer than our capital!

- How did the Olympiad go for you?

Richard: Excellent. Sure, I wasn’t aiming for a gold medal, but what I’ve achieved here has exceeded my expectations. Everyone else is very happy with their competitions as well.

Filip: I expected it to be really hard here, because we’re competing at the highest level.

- How do you spend your time here when you’re not training?

Richard: Generally we play frisbee. Once, when we had a bit more time, we went out onto the square and played football.

- What feelings are you hoping to leave Russia with?

Richard: Right now everything’s going great, and everyone’s really friendly here. I’m sure we’ll remember this trip for a very long time.



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