28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

17 August 2016
USA: "It's an honor to introduce our country"

The USA team - Lawrence, Calvin, Dhruv and Daniel - share their impressions of IOI 2016.

- How do you find the Universiade Village?

Lawrence: It’s lovely here. The biggest surprise for us was the food, which is actually incredible.

Calvin: Yeah – the breakfasts here are excellent. I love cereal!

- And have you been to the city itself?

Daniel: So far only on the tour of the Kazan Kremlin. Personally I’d never seen such an unusual combination of architecture – the Muslim mosque and the Orthodox church are right next to each other. I won’t forget it for a long time.

- How did you find the Olympiad itself?

Daniel: The Olympiad was organised really well – we liked it all.

Lawrence: The tasks on the first day were pretty complicated, but at the same time very interesting.

- What else I you looking for here? Some came here exclusively for medals, while for others it’s far more important to experience the culture and meet new people. What about for you?

Lawrence: For me the most important thing was to test myself in the competition and see if I’m capable of a high finish.

Calvin: Personally I want our whole team to go home with gold medals.

Dhruv: Winning medals would of course be very nice, but the main thing was to enjoy the atmosphere here.

Daniel: The main thing for me has already happened – I’ve represented my country at the Olympiad, and for that I’m proud. It’d be great to bring home a gold, but I also want to meet some new people.

- What do you do in your free time in Kazan, and how do you spend it back in the USA?

Daniel: Mostly here we get together and play ping-pong. We also brought some films and books with us.

Calvin: Here I listen to music in the evenings, but back home I relax watching baseball – it’s a sport I really like.

Lawrence: Personally, I just eat!

Dhruv: I love to read books, and I have two with me here in Kazan: one by Terry Pratchett and the other is Dune by Frank Herbert.

- What would you like to wish the other contestants?

All together: We’d like to wish everyone luck – we’re all friends here.

- Daniel, we have a request – please say hi to your parents! They’re also in Tatarstan at the moment!

Daniel: Ha, I’m blushing a bit… Thank you vey much for supporting me, even thousands of miles from home, and thank you for being there for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Mum – you’re the best mum in the world, and I hope you like the city as much as we do. I promise I’ll win a medal and make you both happy!



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