28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

17 August 2016
New discoveries for German team

The German contestants gave us their impressions of Kazan, their favourites for the top spot, and how they don’t feel they need any good-luck charms or traditions: “We believe only in ourselves”.

-Hi – we’re Nico, Nicolas, Viktor and Marian.

-Had you heard of Kazan or KFU before?

-To be honest, no – we hadn’t. But now we’re actually here, we’re learning and discovering lots of new and interesting things.

-Did you manage to learn any Russian words before you came out?

(Nico): Of course! I know “da” and “do svidaniya”.

(Viktor): I understand Russian a bit – I have Ukrainian roots.

-What impressions have you formed on Kazan?

-The city seemed really attractive and modern.

-Do you have any experience of similar major international competitions?

-We took part in the Baltic and Central European Olympiads, but it’s our first time at the IOI.

-Did you win anything at those?

-Yes – at the Baltic Olympiad, Marian and Viktor won bronze medals, and at the Central European one Marian and Nicolas won silver and bronze respectively.

-Do you have any traditions or lucky charms?

No – nothing like that – we just believe in ourselves.

-What made you take up IT?

(Viktor): I started using a computer about six or seven years ago. At first it was just games, but then I moved on to informatics.

-What do you enjoy besides IT? What are your hobbies?

(Viktor): Maths!

(Nico): I also play the drums, and I like chess and archery.

-How do you plan to spend your free time in Kazan?

We don’t have any plans – we just want gold medals. We really hope to win, but we think all the golds are going to China.



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