28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

15 August 2016
Results of the first round

Contest 1 results  of IOI 2016 took place on August 14th. 

During 5 hours 310 participants from 81 countries were solving tasks of different complexity.

According to the results of Stage 1, students from Russia have done pretty well: Vladislav Makeev is 2nd, Mikhail Putilin - 4th, Denis Solonkov - 18th, Askhat Sabiev - 19th, Stanislav Naumov and Grivoriy Reznikov share 26th position, Alexander Drozdov - 49th, and Mikhail Anoprenko - is 74th out of 306 participants. 

The first place has been taken by Zuofan Wu from China, he managed to score and absolute maximum - 300 out of 300 possible, The second - 297 points - is divided by Ce Jin and Vlad Makeev.

We heard from some of the participants about how they found the first round of IOI.

Israel: We liked the first question best – we all did well on it. Basically, you were given a number sequence and had to find the interval value between them.


Romania: The first task was quite easy but the second two were hard, which is why right now we’re in a stressful situation: many contestants are on the same number of points in the table after the first round. When I read the third task I thought “Ouch!”. If I managed to cope with the first task, then for the third I had absolutely no idea. For the second one you needed a moment of brilliance to help you. I don’t think anyone got 300 points today!


Canadian team leader Troy Vasiga: Training for the Olympiad was very tough, but worth it. Our team are ready to solve any problem. It’s a shame we’ll have a different team next year. What issues have I had in my work? We had some trouble yesterday translating the text, but

fortunately everything was resolved.

Contest 1 results    http://pcms.ioi2016.ru/?locale=en



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