28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

15 August 2016
New Zealanders looking for a couple of medals

The IOI Info-Centre caught up with the New Zealand team, who have flown across half the globe hoping for a good performance in Kazan. We spoke with Jonathan Khoo, Chuanye Chen, Seung Je Jung and Christopher Brown, along with team leader Suzanne Scott.

- New Zealand is one of the furthest countries from here. How long did it take you to get to Kazan?

Suzanne: We flew for 28 hours.

Seung: We still haven’t gotten over the jetlag – we had a number of stopovers, for example in London.

- After such a long flight have you had the strength to see any of Kazan?

All: Yes – we visited the Kazan Kremlin and liked it very much.

- People in Russia don’t know much about New Zealand – what’s the IT industry like there?

Suzanne: Tourism and farming are the biggest industries in New Zealand, thanks to incredibly beneficial conditions and beautiful natural scenery. Maybe you’ve seen some of it in the Lord of the Rings films? But New Zealand is a long way from everywhere else and to develop the IT industry we need to improve our entire infrastructure. We’re connected to the rest of the world via a series of underwater cables – one goes to Sydney, one to Hawaii, one to Auckland and another in California.

- Have you taken part in any previous Olympiads, and do you have any mascots?

Jonathan: I’ve taken part twice.

Chuanye: We were here last year, but one of us is a first-timer! I suppose he’s the one to bring us luck!

- What are your goals at this Olympiad, and are there any teams you feel a particular rivalry with?

Chuanye: To test our abilities and bring home a couple of medals.

Christopher: We’ve been to Australia many times, and I have a lot of friends there. Obviously, we really want to do better than them.

- Your rugby team is one of the best in the world, and before every match the All Blacks dance the haka to shake up their opponents. Will you do it before the next round?

All: The haka’s a powerful dance, but none of us know how to do it.



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