28th International Olympiad in Informatics

Friday, August 12 - Friday, August 19, 2016

18 April 2016
The rector’s welcome speech of the participants

Dear collegues!

I am glad to welcome you at the Kazan Federal University, one of Russia's oldest Universities, which is equal to value tradition, continuity and innovation.

I appeal to you as my colleagues, because you represent the world's intellectual elite, you have already achieved a lot in your chosen path, and you are the future of science and our civilization.

For this very reason, Kazan Federal University takes great pleasure in participants of the XXVIII International Olympiad in Informatics, we therefore regard as the honor of being the organizers of such a significant event. We hope that some of the participants of the Olympiad will one day join the ranks of University students, and in the future will take up a worthy place among scholars, researchers and teachers of our University. Today we have created all conditions for creativity and career growth, as evidenced by the success of the graduates of the University in many different areas of life, and I am sure that you will appreciate it.

Nowadays, information technology is the fundamental condition for the qualitative development of the society, it has been penetrating all spheres, without getting it down the progress is inconceivable. In the Kazan Federal University understood this is, so the University invests extensive material and intellectual resources to train specialists, fully meeting the requirements of time and who will be among the leaders in the development of global research trends. The University has already achieved international recognition in these areas, and we continue to move. The influx of "young blood", fresh ideas and new beginnings no doubt will give this movement a powerful impetus.

I wish you to prove yourselves worthy in the competition, to demonstrate your knowledge and to represent your country from the best side. Good luck, my friends!

Rector Ilshat Gafurov



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